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Poker OK casino: what is this poker room?

This is a relatively young poker room, which was introduced to the world by the famous Asian network GG Network. For a couple of years of active activity, the room has broken into the top three poker rooms, moreover, on its basis they hold the WSOP series. This is quite an honor for the room - to hold such a large-scale event.

Poker OK has an excellent strong license of the Isle of Man, which is not issued to just anyone. This also confirms the seriousness of Pokero. Every month the room holds one of the largest promotions among all the rooms in the world. Millions of dollars in prize money for poker tournaments every month? That’s no problem at all for PokerOk!

It’s also great that the poker room supports multiple languages, and the technical support can be on the same page with you because they will answer in your language. This shows a broad focus on users from different countries.

What’s on the Pokerok website?

PokerOk is an extremely large platform for a good game. More than 220,000 active users in the evening is not the limit for this room, which is great because there is always a table for beginners and pros alike. Let’s take a look at the supported disciplines on the reviewed site and rank them by popularity.

Types of poker:

  • Texas Hold’em with variations
  • Omaha with variations
  • Fast play with Rush and Cash
  • Spin and Gold (unique format)
  • All in or Fold

What are the most commonly played types of poker on Pokerok?

Pokerok types of poker

Perhaps the most popular type of poker is Texas Hold’em and it is not surprising, because it is played by everyone: both beginners and mature poker players. There is a simplicity in this game, which reveals itself after a while in a game with a lot of lines and meanings. You can play Hold’em on the site for a minimum deposit of 5 dollars. To play you can use both minimum buy-ins and freerolls, which are quite easy to get at PokerOk online.

Number of tournaments on Pokerok

Pokerok poker tournaments

Features of the Pokerok site:

  • Snapcam. Send a 15-second video to your opponents at the table! Share your thoughts on the game or lighten the mood with a great joke!
  • Backing Exchange. Sell your unwanted stakes for the tournament or buy stakes from other users right in the lobby!
  • Smart Bet. The computer suggests you a bet at the table, taking into account your playing history. And if you’re playing from your phone, this feature will be even more convenient, rest assured.
  • Poker Craft. Pokero has a negative attitude towards third-party programs, so it offers its own handy novelty - PokerCraft. This is a very convenient collection of information about your neighbors at the table and detailed information about the hands.
  • Run in Twice. There are situations when two players play heads-up at once. PokerOk offers to open up several boards at once for just such a situation, dividing the entire pot into 2 or 3 parts. This is a very handy feature.

PokerOk bonuses


Loyalty Programs

Let’s start with the fact that the reviewed room has as many as 2 loyalty programs: the Fish Buffet and Platinum. Fish Buffet is a random winnings program that contains 6 main levels, which are named after a nautical theme. Each level has 3 positions (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and for each position there is a different rank - Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3 as an example. For the highest level and with a rank of Gold 1 you will get a rakeback of 49%. At the very first level your rakeback will be 15%.

The Platinum loyalty program has only 4 levels and the winnings at each level are fixed. At the maximum level you will get a rakeback of 60% and at the very first level you will get 20%. Quite a good choice for different users: if the first program doesn’t suit you, you can always look at the second one!


This bonus is designed for beginners only. It is revealed in 30 different tasks that are given out every day. You can skip some days, but in this case you won’t get the bonus for the missed day either. You can activate the honeymoon within 3 days after the very first login.

  • For 3 completed tasks you will get 4 tickets to Spin-and-Gold tournaments at the price of 0.25 dollars each.
  • For 5 tasks you will get a nice little reward of 2.5 dollars!
  • For 7 completed tasks you will get 5 Spin-and-Gold tickets at the price of 1 dollar each.
  • For 15 tasks you will win 12 dollars, which you can spend on tournaments.
  • For 20 tasks you will get a cool $20!
  • For 25 completed tasks you will get as much as 110 dollars, which can and should be spent on tournaments.
  • The final 30 tasks will open the most tasty prize - 150 dollars!

Deposit Bonus 100%

You can get 100% back up to $600. You can deposit either $5 or all 600 dollars and get the bonus. It’s worth remembering that it requires wagering: $1 for every $5 of pvi-rake, for which you’ll get 20% rakeback. It takes 90 days to wager the bonus.

At the same time, if your deposit does not immediately reach the maximum amount of $600, you can stretch the bonus over the deposit. Make your next deposits in the next 60 days after your first deposit and continue to enjoy the bonuses!

How do I download PokerOk?

You can go to the PokerOk official site and find the client to download the poker app. The application is perfectly installed on Android and IOS cell phones and tablets, as well as on MAC or Windows computers. For a good game you will need a stable internet connection. Some users have noted that sometimes on weak PCs, the service is a little slow, but PokerOk fights this problem and very successfully.


The application PokerOk Android or IOS provides a more comfortable game and has a vertical interface, which is especially convenient on cell phones. In general, the vertical interface does not interfere with the game and fits quite well into the overall picture.

PokerOk reviews

On the vastness of the network a lot of reviews regarding the reviewed room. The predominant number of comments are positive. A small number of negative comments at the same time do not have a common theme. It is important that you carefully familiarize yourself with the rules of the online casino on which you are going to play poker. This is important and prevents a lot of misunderstandings that some users face.

Number of active players in Pokerok

Pokerok number of players

Pokerok, one of the rising stars in the world of online poker, has seen significant growth in the number of active players:

  • In 2021, the number of active players on Pokerok totaled 70,000. This reflects the platform’s increasing popularity among poker enthusiasts.
  • By 2022, the number of active players has increased significantly, reaching 100,000. This growth indicates the success of attracting new users and retaining the interest of existing users.
  • In 2023, the number of active users increased to 130,000, indicating Pokerok’s steady growth in popularity and its appeal to a wide range of players.

If you’re looking for a reliable and dynamic poker platform, Pokerok is a great choice. Here you will find a variety of games and tournaments suitable for beginners and experienced players alike. The registration process is simple and easy, allowing you to start playing with ease. Join the Pokerok community and start your poker adventure today!

General opinion of the Poker Ok

The overall impression of the poker room is positive: it offers a lot of good bonuses for online poker, a convenient cash game and tournament system. Especially great that PokerOk has its own unique chips - this makes it stand out from other rooms. Poker Ok can be recommended for use.


Money is transferred to your account in a maximum of 72 hours on your bank’s business days. Usually, the poker room will handle this sooner. Keep in mind that the poker room has a limit. Poker ok withdrawal has a mark as a monthly limit - 50.000 dollars. The withdrawal commission on this is 1-3% maximum.
Yes, there is such an opportunity. Freerolls will help you in this. You can get them both in the daily bonus and in loyalty programs. We also advise you to check your email often, because that’s where they often send you gift freerolls. You can also write to the support team and find out new ways, it is possible that they will give you a freeroll.
Unfortunately, if you miss a day, there is no way to get the reward for it. It’s simply not possible to return to the tasks of that day. However, don’t be disheartened, because the same Honeymoon promotion has many more levels that will give you a good reward! In addition, the poker room offers as many as 2 loyalty programs, so maybe one of them will suit you perfectly.
Yes, of course! You can install the app on your mobile device and play right there. The app only works if you have internet access. It is fully optimized and has a vertical system interface, which is perfect for playing poker on your phone. The app supports both Android and IOS. You can download it from the official PokerOk website.
PokerOk Established: 2016

Compatible with :

android ios windows apple

Payment method:


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