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18+ | Play Responsibly | T&C Apply

18+ | Play Responsibly | T&C Apply

18+ | Play Responsibly | T&C Apply

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Welcome to 1win poker, the best poker site for players of all levels! Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you'll find everything you need to develop your skills and succeed in the game. We offer a wide range of resources, from rules and strategies to professional advice from our experts.

Every year online poker is gaining more and more popularity. The development of online poker rooms opens up opportunities for everyone to experience the role of famous players, such as Phil Ivey or Doyle Brunson, competing for big prizes. Many people know how to play poker, but not everyone manages to make money professionally. Although legal online casinos include poker in their range of entertainment, they are still inferior to specialised poker rooms that are fully dedicated to the game.

Pokerstars, 888poker are known all over the world, they have millions of users, thousands of tables and hundreds of positive reviews. Poker sites for money are very large and safe platforms with thousands of daily tournaments, an abundance of professional players and a loyalty program, poker bonuses and prizes for active players.

Most Popular Poker Rooms

The exact number of poker rooms in the world is constantly changing, as new platforms emerge and old ones close down. However, at the moment it is safe to say that there are hundreds of different poker rooms operating in both online and offline formats around the world. These are usually large and secure sites with thousands of daily tournaments, an abundance of professional players and a loyalty programme, [poker bonuses](/en/poker-bonus/“online poker bonus”) and prizes for active players. 1win poker helps cover the world of poker from all angles: we offer up-to-date news, bonuses and reviews on the best poker cash game sites for experienced players and basic rules of the game for beginners.

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What can I do on the website?

On our site, users can register and communicate about all exciting topics with pro-players and poker fans in a separate forum and in the comments. The poker forum is moderated, only real people communicate there, exchange experiences and help you find best online poker sites.

The team of the 1win poker site includes authors who have experience of professional game play in online and offline tournaments. They will help explain the rules of poker in simple terms and provide a lot of new information for those who want to improve their skill in this game. We make reviews of honest poker sites with real reviews, screenshots, tips for registering and receiving bonuses.

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Users can leave comments under reviews and give their opinion on the experience of playing on the sites so that newcomers can learn more about site. For beginners, free poker sites will be useful in order not to immediately risk playing poker for real money and try yourself with free chips.

Poker is the game of millions

Poker as a card game originated in the 18th century, now the rules of this entertainment have not changed much. The number of cards, layout, varieties and tactics have been known for several decades. Many mistakenly think that luck plays a big role in poker and it is not so difficult to learn, but in reality, luck is only 10-15% of success. Psychology, game strategy and the ability to read an opponent at the table, even virtual ones, are much more important. The presence of a strong combination of online poker does not guarantee victory, experienced players know how to bluff and force an opponent to fold a stronger hand. 1win poker not only features the best online poker sites, such as 1win, but also basic concepts for those who have never played poker before.

Approximate number of online poker players

How many people play poker online

It is quite difficult to determine the exact number of people playing online poker around the world, as this figure is constantly changing and depends on many factors. Nevertheless, our team has conducted its own research and at the end of it, we have determined that the current number of online poker players is 90 million people.

The popularity of online poker grew particularly strong in the early 2000s, and it has continued to attract new players ever since. Some major poker rooms have hundreds of thousands of active users on any given day, which gives an idea of the scale of the online poker community.

What types of poker are there?

If we talk about the types of poker in terms of format, then there are cash games and tournaments. The latter are divided, in turn, into many varieties according to the format: with the possibility of a rebuy, limited in time and number of participants, with elimination, poker freerolls (with free entry) and Sit and Go tournaments.

Approximate ratio of players by type of poker

Most popular types of poker

It is often easier to start learning with Hold’em, it is the main and most popular type of poker on the Internet. It is played by millions, other varieties of this card game are much more difficult to understand.

We will help you learn more about online poker:

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1win poker is a unique platform for learning the basics of poker and improving your skills in this game. We provide detailed guides, online poker rules, strategies of famous players, lists of the best rooms, latest news, interviews and poker sites with freerolls. We also recommend reading our privacy policy to better understand our terms of service.


It all depends on the desire and the amount of information consumed. It is equally important to play as much as possible, choose fair poker sites and analyze your own game and the game of your opponents. Some people take years, others can successfully participate in tournaments in a couple of months, but the number of hands played is important.
Texas Hold’em is considered a classic of modern poker. In Omaha, the player receives 4 cards in his hand, and in the classic version only 2, but only 2 cards from the hand participate in the combination in both types. Online poker sites most often organize large Texas poker tournaments, Omaha is less common, however, in large rooms there are up to 150 cash tables and 10-20 real money tournaments.
1win poker has a list of top poker rooms and online casinos where you can play safely and easily. Users themselves choose the best sites for playing poker according to their parameters: the number of tournaments and cash tables, buy-ins, the variety of poker types, the bonus program and the convenience of the site interface.
In essence, no, but in a live game, emotions play a much larger role: you see an opponent sitting opposite and experience more excitement, plus communication in real life affects everyone in different ways. Online poker is easier in terms of controlling emotions, you can play several tournaments for real money at once, it is impossible to do it live.