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Welcome to the site 1win poker! This material is perfect for those who are new to the world of poker, because today we are going to talk about freerolls. What is it and how to win real money? Practical advice, useful information and online poker!

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Poker freerolls - what is it?

Poker freerolls are special tournaments with free entry. Many poker houses promote freerolls on their site much better than promotions. It is poker bonus free rolls that are one of the most important things that attract new users to a poker room.

This is a great start because you may well win real money in poker at these tournaments. The truth is that this money is most often small. It is with Poker freerolls that professionals advise to start playing. At such tournaments you will not lose anything, but you will gain invaluable experience of playing live with people, as well as money.

I'm just a guy who got lucky in a poker tournament and happened to change an industry. It wasn't just me โ€“ it was the time, the place and the situation.

- Chris Moneymaker

Types of freerolls in poker rooms

Now begins our fascinating story about the types of freerolls. They can differ in terms of winnings, type of structure, related to the event or not. Let’s go in order. We should start with the fact that such freerolls are:

How to get freeroll passwords?

Often, new users of poker houses wonder, “How do I get those freeroll passwords”? Usually the casino looks at your level of play and decides where to invite you if it’s a private tournament. Such passwords are not uncommon, they are found on third-party casino partner sites.

The casino may also send you a freeroll password to your personal account on the site, or maybe to your email. We advise you to check your spam folder more often, as sometimes, alas, such important information goes into the junk folder. You can also get passwords for freerolls in the daily prizes of many poker rooms. At some casinos - it is a lottery, at another - opening special boxes.

poker freerolls online

You can also get passwords for Poker freerolls by completing various tasks of your casino’s loyalty programme. Such passwords are quite frequent prizes in such programmes. And you can also simply ask for a password from the support team. Often on various forums, poker house representatives talk about this secret. In one room - it may well work, in another - not. This is normal practice, but in any case, “for the demand does not hit the nose”!

In gambling, the house always has the edge. To come out ahead, you have to be an advantage player and exploit every edge you can find.

- Zeljko Ranogajec

How to win in a freeroll poker tournament?

First of all, try to evaluate your opponents at the table. Quite often they are beginners who don’t know how to play and may make a number of illogical actions. Freeroll players are often at different levels, especially when it comes to open freerolls.

Why it’s difficult:

  1. You don’t realize what cards your opponents may have in their hands
  2. Your tactics may turn out to be useless or too twisted due to the game situation
  3. The stakes in this game will not be taken into account, making it more difficult to keep track of the overall gameplay situation.

With proper skill, you can wait out all your opponents and come out of the game with a large bankroll. With competent players your game will be like a sword fight, which is a harmonious dance. You will feel the weight of the game and enjoy waiting for the next card.

Many pros take freerolls with their tenacious hands. Their game is tough and at the same time very simple.

Tips from a pro:

  1. Play only from a good hand at the beginning of the game
  2. Bet more than in a normal game
  3. With a good hand - do not spare your opponent, attack
  4. With a bad hand - do not bluff. This can be fraught with danger

Stages of the freeroll poker tournaments and tactics at each stage

online freeroll poker

Early Game Stage

Blinds are lowered compared to stacks. There are more than 25 blinds in chips at this stage. Before the flop you can go all-in with a strong pair (AA, KK or AK for example). With such a card you are on a roll at this stage.

If you have good cards but not the best, you can also go all-in if you have JJ or AQ, for example. However, it is better to do this maneuver before your opponents rake. Such actions are designed for the time of the game until the flop.

After the flop, if you have two pairs or something cooler, you can go all-in with it. If you own Flush Draws and similar combinations, you can go all-in if at least a couple of opponents keep throwing chips into the pot of the game.

Late Stage of the game

The late stage starts when you have 20-25 blinds in chips. There are only two options here: either a raiser or folding preflop. As soon as your opponent raises his bet, go either all-in or fold. This decision, of course, depends on your cards in hand.

It is advisable to pay special attention to opponents with low stacks. Most likely they are just waiting to dump their chips. Also carefully play with players with a high stack, because they can simply squeeze you with their chips. For these players, don’t play aggressively without a strong hand.

Also try to treat players who rake early in the hand well. There is a good chance that such mates have a strong hand. However, after early raises in the late stages you can safely go all-in with strong hands (AA, KK, QQ).

General opinion about freerolls at poker rooms

Freerolls are a very cool thing that has added more than one fan to online poker. In fact, without investing any cash, you can win money and invaluable experience. Play freerolls and stay tuned to the casino you are going to play at. Good cards!


Quite often you may find that some players are inactive. Such AFC make the game on the one hand easier - minus opponents, on the other hand it is boring. It can also be noted that in such tournaments the players are as they say mixed: there gather both amateurs and beginners. This can be observed in open Poker freerolls.
Try practising more. Study information from more advanced players of your casino on thematic forums and ask your questions. If all of this doesn’t work for you, then you may want to look into the idea of changing poker rooms. There is quite a lot that depends on the poker room.
Yes! You are free to play on any device you like. This can be either a tablet or a mobile phone. For most poker rooms it doesn’t matter whether you play on Android or iOS. You can play these tournaments with the help of a computer. It also doesn’t matter whether you have a Windows or Mac system. You will need internet connection for any poker room game.
Having studied dozens of forums and the game of the pros, we can advise the following. Be active at the beginning of the game. Go all-in preflop with a strong hand, don’t wait for the weather. With a strong hand at the beginning of the game you will actually have a better chance than your opponent. You can try this tactic on free games.