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The site provides unique and up-to-date information about poker, its varieties, platforms for playing online poker and a forum for users to communicate. The privacy policy of the portal contains the rules for using the site for all visitors. If you have read the policy and do not agree with any of the points presented, we strongly recommend that you leave all pages of the portal.

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Best online poker sites are created solely for informational purposes to cover the rules of poker, types of poker games, reviews of poker rooms and user communication. The site was created for poker lovers from Hold’em to Omaha over 18 years old. All information on the site is provided for adult users, if you are under 18 years old and you are not ready to provide proof of age, we recommend that you leave this site. The editorial team carefully checks the published content, it does not contain prohibited materials or plagiarism, all photo and video content is protected by copyright. The articles and reviews indicate the personal opinion of the author, site visitors have the right to leave their comments after pre-registration at the best poker site

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We provide informational content only, we do not offer poker room bonuses, casino bets and data on other gambling games. All data on the site should not be taken as the only true one, the authors of may have their own point of view, different from the user’s. All reviews of poker rooms are taken from open sources, we do not guarantee that a visitor will be able to register at this poker room and get the desired result, we only provide data on the possibilities of poker sites. The administration of the portal is not responsible for the actions of customers downloading and installing pirated poker applications and visiting phishing sites, data for reviews are taken exclusively from official sources - confirmed sites and poker license.

By accessing the website, you accept the terms of the company’s privacy policy and all the risks associated with the use of information obtained during the visit. If for some reason you were unable to register or lost a large amount of poker on any site, you can leave your comment under the poker room review or in the honest poker sites section, but you have no right to demand from the site administration 1win- compensation for moral or material damage. is an information and entertainment site, we do not teach poker rules or show you how to win on poker sites. We only provide up-to-date links to online poker rooms with a verified license, which are safe for the user and do not collect his personal data.

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Insults in any form on racial, national, gender or any other grounds are prohibited. All comments and posts on the site are moderated, the violator is warned, in case of repeated violation, his account is blocked forever or for a certain period, depending on the severity of the violation. Spammer bots are automatically blocked on the pages of the site, users, who leaving offensive comments, as well as comments with pornographic content.

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