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18+ | Play Responsibly | T&C Apply

1win poker collected hundreds of reviews from real online poker players and put together our rating. Happy reading, play only in good rooms!


Pokermatch casino

Surprisingly, on many forms of poker fans, a huge layer of comments and discussions is occupied by Pokermatch. Apparently, the 2020 promotion really helped the poker rooms online to gather a large number of poker fans.

What types of poker does it offer?

Indeed, this is a good set that can please even experienced players. Not every casino offers the same Pineapple. There you can try to play both cash games and quick tournaments like Twister. The online poker room constantly holds exciting events, including ground events.

Pokermatch Bonuses

Quite a lot of good bonuses are offered by the room. Frequent free promotional codes for freerolls and other “goodies” for users. In addition, you can complete tasks that do not require a deposit. A separate plus is the application that supports both IOS and Android. Users note that the application is very convenient for constant use and does not slow down.



Pokerstars is one of the oldest online poker rooms. The year of its foundation is 2001, since then it has not lowered its positions at all and has always been in the top three. For all the years of its existence, the room always finds how to surprise its users around the world.

Types of poker disciplines

The types of disciplines of the room do not end there. All types of games have their own varieties that will suit you. Adjust the speed of your blind yourself. Love the slow pace of the game - bet on slow bets from 12 minutes. Love the speed - your choice will surely stop at rates less than 5 minutes. Many tournaments in different modes are also waiting for you.

Promotions Pokerstars

Earn special points by playing poker and get special chests with prizes. There are 6 types of such chests on the site. Each of them has their own gifts. Most of the promotions you need to connect yourself through promotional codes. You can find them in your personal account or by e-mail.

888 Poker

888 Poker

888Poker is another favorite among poker players. The room supports both beginners and real pros. It is considered one of the most bladeless poker rooms online. Eights have also been noted for their large-scale poker tournaments.

Types of poker on the site

The peculiarity of the room is that its users are especially fond of Texas Hold’em. If in other rooms, Omaha and Hold’em are about the same in their popularity. We hasten to assure you that 888 Poker is the abode of Hold’em. Other species are also on the site, but do not have such a frenzied demand. A separate plus of the room is the Snap mode. You can also evaluate large-scale tournaments with a fund of more than 8,000,000 dollars.

Bonuses of eights

Get prizes in the Wheel of Fortune every day. Freerolls, Cash, satellites from 1 cent and more. And for the deposit bonus, there is a nice addition in the form of 20% rakeback for 90 days. And the last bonus in the form of $88 does not require any deposit at all. The presented bonuses are not the only thing that the room can boast of.

Red Star

Red Star

About Red Star, we saw a huge amount of positive feedback. Many people are sure that Red Star has every chance to overtake even the Stars. After a new stage of development in 2020, the company is taking big steps to improve the service. On typical evenings, approximately 3,000 people play on the site. This is a very good stable indicator for the room.

What can the room offer for poker players?

Although there are not so many disciplines, the room does a good job of implementing them. There you can also find unusual game modes like Kamikaze and Tournament with variable time levels. It is convenient to play in the application, which, however, has a minus. The application does not support IOS at this stage.

Red Star Bonuses

Get up to 35% rakeback, complete daily tasks and get lottery tickets. Win cash up to $250, tournament tickets and other bonuses from the site. A separate plus, many users noted the quick withdrawal of funds from 8 to 24 hours maximum.


Poker rooms online

We also found a lot of positive reviews that far outweigh the negative ones. Since 2001, Partypoker has been promoting the idea of enjoying the process rather than focusing on winning. This room is suitable for those who want to remember past gatherings with friends over poker games.

What can I play on the site?

Presented online games have varieties on the site. Many of them are great for beginners in poker. Party Poker offers a unique opportunity - create a club and play with your friends. You can play for the same money with your friends in the same lobby. Partypoker gives you cashback up to 40% when playing with friends. An amazing opportunity for friends who live in different cities!

The best bonuses of the room

Get gifts in a win-win lottery and participate in the loyalty program. Collect special points and reach new levels with cashback. For the first level, it is enough to have only 10 points.

How do we choose the best online poker rooms?

We searched for information on a variety of resources and made sure that it came only from real players. Often the rating of poker rooms changes, and this is normal. Competing for the audience, poker rooms online develop the industry and offer the best conditions. That’s why yesterday Pokermatch was here, today 1win poker, and tomorrow it could be someone else.

We have presented you best online poker rooms with freerolls and the most profitable bonuses. We hope that the article was useful to you. If you take a closer look at the rooms and find yours based on this information, we will be very happy. Develop in poker, play only in good rooms, and we will help you with this! And if you have any questions, you can always contact us by looking at the address on the “Contact Us” page.


Yes, each of the presented casino rooms has its own applications. They may differ somewhat, but basically repeat many of their functions. However, it is worth considering that the same Pokermatch does not have the ability to download phones on IOS and computers on Mac. We hope that this will be corrected very soon.
PokerStars has the largest rakeback - up to 65%. Next up is PartyPoker. It has a maximum rakeback of 60%. In third place is PokerMatch with a maximum rakeback of 50%. All rakebacks are included in the loyalty program. The more you play, the higher the bet, the higher the percentage of rakeback. It’s simple - a classic accumulative bonus system.
The poker room strictly monitors dishonest play and does not stand on ceremony with violators. Nevertheless, the Maltese license makes itself felt: the room keeps the face of an honest organization. However, it also does not prohibit you from using programs to collect statistics. Before using a third-party program, we advise you to check with the support service the legality of its use.
To get started, you should read the reviews on multiple platforms. After that, carefully study the rules of the poker room itself, especially about the terms of payments. Many problems can be avoided by simply reading the rules of the room. Try to deposit small amounts and play poker at low limits. Then try to withdraw money. If everything suits you at all stages, you have probably found your room!