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Welcome to the site, poker lovers! On this page you will find out the top rooms for playing online poker tournaments.

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Welcome to the site, poker fans! Here you will find answers to the questions: Β«What exactly are online poker tournaments? What kind of poker tournaments online are they? And can they bring in real money in poker?Β». If you are still new to poker, this material is for you!

texas holdem tournament online

What kind of format is online poker tournaments?

So, an online poker tournaments is an elimination poker game where the last players get the biggest piece of the pie. In this case, there may be only 2 participants at all, or even several thousand. This applies to large-scale series of tournaments, which are held by prominent poker houses. Standardly still has about 10 users.

There are also cash games, in which you can also play poker. In this case, then, what is the difference between the formats of poker cash or tournaments?

Online Poker Tournaments Cash Games
Can take place at multiple tables Mostly takes place at one table
You pay a fixed buy-in before you enter You can change tables or leave the game whenever you want
The winner gets all or most of the total fund raised The blinds are the same
You can’t buy in if you lose chips Chips can be bought in, exchanged for money and back

What kind of online poker tournaments are there?

You can divide online poker tournaments in completely different ways, by the structuring of the entry buy-in, by the speed of the online game, and ultimately by the format of the poker tournament itself! Let’s take a look at them and give some explanations.

I'm just a guy who got lucky in a poker tournament and happened to change an industry. It wasn't just me – it was the time, the place and the situation.

- Chris Moneymaker

Types of tournaments by fee

Before the game itself, the user is obliged to pay a fee, unless of course it is a freeroll poker tournament, in which case it is free poker tournaments. But tournaments that require payment are also very different:

how to enter poker tournaments

Types of tournaments by speed of play

Everyone knows that the game of poker room can be quite different in its pace. It is very important to find your own speed, at which you will be most comfortable and interesting to play poker. What are the different types and the main thing is how long do they last?

Tournament formats

poker tournament sites

What about the formats themselves? And here everything is simple: poker tournaments differ in the type of exit from the game itself and the peculiarities of the process itself. It’s also worth saying that there are tournaments where players compete for cash, and sometimes for tickets. These tickets are usually a pass to another tournament where the fish swim much bigger! Such tournaments, where the main prize is the opportunity to attend an even bigger tournament, are called satellites.

In the long run, there's no luck in poker, but the short run is longer than most people know.

- Daniel Negreanu

The best online poker tournaments

And now you will find out the biggest and most expensive poker tournaments. For such a tournament, a guaranteed fund of 10,000,000 dollars is a common thing! They are always very large and attractive for every poker player!


A guaranteed pool is a prize that will be awarded to players even if there are no buy-ins of that amount. This is very rare. Usually, the poker house knows how many users will want to play in a poker tournament. Such a fund is announced both at small tournaments and at large tournaments at the request of the poker room.
It’s simple! First of all, choose a site for the game. Study the reviews about the poker room on the forms and other poker resources. Deposit money to play and don’t forget to claim your deposit bonus. Then you can play poker. It is better to learn on freerolls or cash games first, and then proceed to full-fledged tournaments. Everyone can play in a poker tournament. Pick your buy-in and learn!
No, but the winner always gets more than others. The level of reward often correlates with the number of participants. If there are 2-4 people playing in a tournament, it is very likely that the winner will get all 100% of the pot. If 5-7 people play, the winner will get about 65% and the rest will take 2nd place. If you play 50 people, the winner will get 29%. However, there will be higher and the fund is likely to be higher.
The most common types of poker are considered Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker. These are the disciplines that are played most often. The rules of such games are quite simple and everyone can understand them. It is not for nothing that beginners learn to play poker from these disciplines. They are also quite easy to implement in a tournament: they are popular, which means that the tables will be full and suitable for all formats of poker room!