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Pokerdom casino: what is this poker room?

Pokerdom is a pretty massive site for poker enthusiasts that has been operating since 2014. The site currently has 1.5 million users, so there is usually no difficulty in finding a table. You can also connect to a table as an observer and watch the pros play.

The poker room strictly monitors third-party programs that can give the user an advantage in the game. This does not mean that the site closes all programs: if you get only statistics from the game, the Poker Dom may allow you to use it. In any case, before playing, it is better to check with the support team whether the Program is allowed or not. Pokerdom casino adheres to strict fair play.

What does Pokerdom offer poker enthusiasts?

The site offers quite a large variety of games: from the most popular types to quite exotic ones. You can play them both for real money and for conditional chips, which are essentially free. A great option for beginners who are not yet ready to play for money.

Types of poker:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • Pineapple (Chinese version of poker)
  • 7-card Stu
  • Razz
  • Badugi
  • Advanced Texas Hold’em

You can see on our site how to play poker and become an experienced player. Some types of poker are similar to each other, while others are completely different. Therefore, before playing it is important to learn the rules and possible combinations, because from the different number and value of cards they can differ.

What are the most commonly played types of poker on Pokerdom?

Pokerdom poker types

What is the Poker Dom rake?

Rake in this poker room can be different, not fixed. The cost of the rake depends largely on the type of poker, your limit, the number of players. In no-limit games and where there is a “ceiling” the rake can be a maximum of 5%.

In games where there is a certain limit the rake is more attractive - only up to 2.5%. In any case, on the site you can find favorable freerolls, where you can have a good time and maybe even get a cash prize.


Rakeback in the poker room is also present. However, to get it, the user needs the maximum 100 level of loyalty in the program “100 Steps to a Million” and is up to 50%. After it, the user is opened to additional maximum-favorable bonuses.

Number of tournaments on Pokerdom

Pokerdom poker tournaments

Pokerdom bonuses and promotions for poker

This room offers good bonuses for users: from a bonus for registration to bonuses for poker players who have reached a high level in a separate loyalty program.

Poker bonuses

  • Poker Loyalty System. A total of 100 levels await you. Points are accrued quite simply: 1 point - 1 USD. More points - higher level. At each level you will be rewarded with nice prizes: it can be as passwords to Pokerdom freerolls, satellite or even cooler cash prizes. The size of such prizes can range from 25 to 1 million.
  • Bit Jackpot. This is a promotion for poker fans that gives you the opportunity to get up to 500,000. Playing cash games and collecting combinations you can get a real lucky letter - an additional prize of up to 500.000. Such a promotion is sometimes extended to seasonal tournaments. You can check with the support what the promotion covers while reading the review.

Other bonuses

Besides exclusively poker bonuses, there are also general bonuses that are suitable for slots including.

  • Sign up bonus. This bonus is exclusively for beginners. Just includes Pokerdom no deposit bonus. You do not need to make a deposit to get it. You will get 25 freespins in a separate machine, nice machine-specific wagers and a 25x wager.
  • Deposit Bonus. The size of this bonus is 150% up to 50,000. As well as an additional 150 freespins in a particular popular slot of the site. The wager in this case is 25-fold.
  • Deposit Bonus. Within 1 week you can get an additional online casino bonus. Need to make a deposit of 1,000 for your games. The size of this reload bonus is 100% up to 25.000. There is a 25-fold wager.

Is it possible to download Pokerdom official?

The poker room has its own app where playing poker is much more convenient. It is in it that the tables and their advanced settings are available to you. You can download the app either on your phone or on your computer.

To play poker on your phone you can go to the Pokerdom official website and find the download link. You can install the app on Android, on IOS, unfortunately, the poker app is not distributed. There are no restrictions for the computer. To use the application you need a stable internet connection.


The app is completely free and functions well alongside the poker room website. If it does not download to your device, you probably need to allow downloads from unknown sources. This is normal practice for poker room apps that download directly from the site.

Pokerdom reviews: what do poker room players say?

We saw both positive and negative reviews, but for the most part they were written quite some time ago. The site uses a proven random number generator to deal cards and a strict system that keeps track of programs that give the person playing an advantage.

You should also always realize that poker is a game with a lot of randomness that doesn’t always stack up favorably in the player’s favor. Even as a pro poker player there is always the possibility of losing, because these are the cards - randomness decides a lot.

Number of active players at Pokerdom

Pokerdom number of players

Pokerdom, a well-known online poker site, has shown changes in the number of active players in recent years:

  • In 2021, Pokerdom had 120,000 active players, indicating the high popularity of the platform at that time.
  • However, by 2022, the number of active players had dropped to 100,000. This change could have been due to various factors, including market competition and changes in player preferences.
  • In 2023, the number of active users decreased to 40,000. This decline may indicate a need to adapt the site’s strategy to changing market conditions and audience preferences.

If you are interested in poker and are looking for a platform to play on, Pokerdom still offers a variety of games and tournaments suitable for different levels of players. The registration process on the site is simple and straightforward, allowing you to start playing quickly. Join Pokerdom to experience exciting games and become part of the poker community.

General opinion about Poker Dom casino

Pokerdom casino is quite a good poker room that offers a lot of bonuses, promotions and tournaments. It is also an official partner of a big festival-tournament held in Sochi.

If you are afraid of betting or deposits, in any case, you can always play on poker freerolls, which the room gives in quite a large number. You can even get them by writing to support, or you can get them in a letter in the mail, or you can get them in prizes from the loyalty program.

Carefully study the rules of the poker room in which you are going to play. It happens that the site introduces rules like the same withdrawal and deposit account. These are important little things that affect your impression of the service and gaming experience in general.

In general, you can try to play in the Poker Dom casino, but always remember the rules of responsible play and the fact that in poker still a lot of things are decided by chance.


Yes, the poker room has this possibility. You can play on conditional chips, which are completely free. It is worth understanding that when playing for such chips you will not earn anything, because you are playing with fake money. Withdrawals are real only when playing for real money. In addition, you can enter the table and as an observer. Evaluating the game of people and their tactics.
The site allows you to withdraw only from 1.500. In this case, the site rules state that the card from which you deposited and the card to which you want to withdraw funds must be the same. Many negative reviews concern this, so this information is better to know, of course, in advance. Study the rules, and the game will be a pleasure for you.
Yes, of course. You can play poker on your cell phone or tablet. That said, the app can be downloaded on Android, there is no direct download on iOS unfortunately. However, the poker room is well adapted for the phone. You can also download the application of the room on your phone, playing poker from a mobile for many poker players is even more convenient. Also, to play you need a stable internet connection.
You can play without registration and for free. In this case, you can play only on virtual free currency - conditional chips. If you want to play with real money, then it requires at least registration, as a maximum still making a deposit. However, even in this case you can play by collecting codes for freerolls.
PokerDom Established: 2014

Compatible with :

android ios windows apple

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